TH Capital portfolio company LTOM, a leader in the OLED industry, successfully completes IPO

Date published:2023-09-22

TH Capital portfolio company LTOM, a leader in the OLED industry, successfully completes IPO

Beijing, 21 March 2022 – Beijing, 21 March 2022 – Shaanxi Lighte Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd (LTOM) is the leading Organic Light-Emitting diode (OLDE) material supplier in China, and successfully registered on the Science and Technology Innovation (STAR) Board with the stock code 688150.

OLED is the next major growth opportunity of the global display industry, whereas LTOM is China’s leading company in the OLED industry and key driver of panel industry localization. LTOM raised RMB 1 billion, which will mainly be used for OLED material R&D and industrialization projects, as well as working capital for the rapidly expanding operations of the company. Among them, RMB 700 million will be invested in the construction of OLED terminal material research and development and industrialisation project in Chang'an Communication Industrial Park High-tech Zone. After the planned 3 year construction, the new facility will add 15 tons of OLED terminal material production capacity for LTOM, strengthening the company's production capacity to match the growing demand of downstream customers and further expand market share.

In recent years, LTOM has led the industry with strong R&D, developing proprietary IP and breaking the OLED technology entry barriers, gradually localizing high value imports of OLED terminal materials. At the technical level, LTOM is already competing at the top of its industry. The company has developed a technology and product portfolio covering the whole value chain of the OLED industry including organic material intermediate synthesis, pre-sublimation material preparation and terminal material production. It has a variety of independent patents for OLED terminal materials and has realized large-scale production, reducing the domestic panel manufacturers' complete dependence on OLED terminal material imports. With 61 completed patents and 2 granted patent implementation licenses, a total of 191 patents in application, the company's IP portfolio is covering OLED organic materials such as light-emitting layer materials and hole transport layer materials.

LTOM's customers include BOE, CSOT, Hehui Optoelectronics, among many others. Of those customers, BOE is the leading panel manufacturer in the global display industry by shipment volume for TFT-LCD displays and for small-size OLED displays.

About  LTOM

LTOM is engaged in the R&D, production and sales of OLED materials, where the company has a strong patent portfolio and achieved mass production scale. LTOM is the first Chinese company to supply BOE with OLED functional materials. As the company is on track become a global industry leader, LTOM operates according to the highest global environmental standards and regulation, actively pursuing a sustainable green production approach.