BVK admits THC as its first Chinese member

Date published:2017-06-12

In February 2017 BVK, The German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association e.V., admitted Tsinghua Holdings Capital (THC) as its first Chinese member. Taking their first steps as BVK's newest member, THC management attended the BVK road show event in Shanghai on February 8th. Both THC and BVK leadership is excited about THC taking up an active role in the future works of the association, helping to shape and contribute towards the communication and cooperation between Chinese and German GPs, LPs and private equity investment service providers. The two markets will grow closer together, opportunities for both GPs and LPs will be increasing in both directions and THC is convinced that a successful cooperation between the participants will be mutually beneficial and heavily depends on mutual trust. Therefore we are happy to be a member of BVK and look forward to plenty of exchange and communication, and to building a brighter future for cross-border dialogue and investments between Germany and China.